What is LASER Periodontal Therapy™?

This system is a LASER based technique that is used to treat periodontal disease using the Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., PerioLase® LASER. Patients love this system because there is no need for scalpel or sutures.

Northwest Periodontics is proud to be one of the first in Cherokee County to offer LASER Periodontal Therapy™ for the treatment of periodontitis!

How does it work?

The LASER is directed through a small fiber where a small amount of light energy is used to remove diseased tissue. It also reduces disease causing bacteria. The LASER is placed between the gum and tooth. Dr. Halpern will remove tartar from the root surface with the use of the Piezoelectric scaler.

Once the area has been cleaned thoroughly, your gums will better be able to heal.

Since there is no need for the use of a scalpel or sutures, the procedure is less invasive than traditional flap surgery. Though the patient may feel some post-procedure discomfort during the healing process, this usually can be dealt with by using over-the-counter medication.

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How long does it take?

It depends on the severity and involvement of each patient's periodontal disease. Generally, treatment is completed in two office visits (not including post-op and maintenance office visits). Dr. Halpern will discuss a treatment timeline before you begin any treatment.

Initial treatment will focus on removing as much of the diseased tissue as possible with the LASER. Scaling with ultrasonic and hand instruments will be used to remove plaque and tartar.

Does this treatment cost more than traditional gum surgery?

LASER treatment is usually no more expensive than traditional surgery. Some factors that impact the cost of treatment include the severity of the periodontal disease, and how many teeth need to be treated. For more information about this great system, feel free to click here to learn more.

Many insurance plans will pay for a portion of the treatment. When you come in to discuss treatment, we will discuss payment plans with you.